Competitive Intelligence Special Support

Facilitate you know more about your competitors.

Establishment and Optimization of Competitive Intelligence System

With professional competitive intelligence research and analysis capabilities, KRS provides in-depth research and regular monitoring services on industry leaders and competitors. We help clients to establish a comprehensive knowledge of industry leaders and competitors, including their organizational structure, sales, R&D, production capacity, etc., with refined analysis of their key success factors and core weaknesses, which will inform evidence-based development of a targeted competition strategy.

The main components of our Competitor Research are as follows (including but not limited to) :

1. Company profile and background: including the business scope, legal representative, registered capital; the history and evolution of the company; merger, acquisition and alliance events and date; changes of business scope and address
2. Current shareholders and executive background: equity ratio, shareholder profile, education and professional experiences of the person in charge, negative hearsay, political support or underworld background, etc.
3. Production status of the company: Status of core products, major projects under construction and in operation; production objectives and actual production capacity; status and progress of new products.
4. Marketing: sales policy, price system, sales area, key markets, customercategory, quantity and distribution.
5. Company Human Resources and Management Structure: organizational structure, salary system , management system .
6. Financial and credit status: record of registered and actual capital, basic financial data, defaulting record.
7. Integrated Risk Assessment and Recommendations on Cooperation: Based on a comprehensive knowledge of industry landscape and target enterprises, the advantages and disadvantages of target enterprises will be examined and analyzed, potential risk points will be identified and recommendatioins on risk management and achieve value maximization.

Competitor Monthly (Quarterly) Monitoring Program

1. production and sales status: current month production, current month sales, last month inventory;
2. New Product Development: New Product Development Information, categories;
3. Price changes: price movements and ranges of major products;
4. Promotion: location, theme and frequency of large and medium-sized promotions;
5. Advertising: Media, time, frequency;
6. personnel changes: executive quitting and job change; core R&D staff joining and leaving; recruitment plan;
7. Risks: possible strikes and mass departures, possible environmental incidents, possible product quality problems.

Competitive intelligence Consultancy

Experienced with a considerable amount of competitive intelligence (CI) research cases, we creatively put forward a "Industrial Chain-based, 360-degree Research and Analysis Framework" with its supporting methodology system, to facilitate enterprises to establish a practical competitive intelligence system.

Its core results include:

1. Real-status CI diagnostic report and implementation & management manual: by means of a thorough and comprehensive diagnosis of the current status of clients' CI implementation, KRS provides our clients with an overall diagnosis conclusion and concrete improvement strategy in terms of function, process, collection method, analysis tool, system, staffing and establishment of cultural consciousness. On this basis and with established knowledge of clients' enterprise and industry, KRS consulting team will develop a CI implementation & management manual (SOP) with a tailor-made approach.
2. To assist enterprises in establishing a functional intelligence monitoring system.
3. Through organization structure and process design, specialized training, help enterprises to set up CI departments and CI operation process.

Characteristics and advantages of our CI consultancy service:

1. Practical: The KRS Competitive Intelligence Methodology System is rooted in the actual engagement of business wars in a globalization context. The 360-degree Competitive Intelligence investigation framework, incorporating global best practices, is a systematic way to find breakthrough with regard to intelligence collection and analysis.
2. Modularization and customization: Keeping in mind clients' diversified demands at different stages and links, we have developed modularized intelligence service products including key-client tendering, strategic mergers and acquisitions, major negotiations, market entry, competitor monitoring, etc. Clients could order their own customized services combining different sub-modules and upgrade as needed.