Country & Project Risk Assessment

Identifying Overseas Risks.

Strategic Risk Analysis and Assessment

KRS is a professional consulting agency in South China & Hong Kong providing global strategic risk consulting services. We highlight in-depth analyses of political and security situations where our clients choose to operate overseas. We do rigorous industry researches, taking into consideration local political, commercial, and vested interests that are relevant to our clients, in order to identify stakeholders that may affect operational security and to determine the way how they pose risks.

Overseas Strategic Risk Assessment

This includes the evaluation of political risk, security risk, public opinion risk, partner risk, competitor risk, as well as the impact of these risks onbusiness performance.

Country Risk Assessment

KRS has conducted assessments of numerous countries including India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malaysia and Ethiopia with regard to their national political situation, opinions and attitudes of key interest groups, the probability of any interference (against investors) and the possible ways of such interferences. In turn, we provide an investment strategy that produces the most value while maintains the risks controllable.

Developing Entry Strategies

After assessment, help the client to develop and implement a market entry strategy on the basis of client demand and reality.

Avoidance and Prevention of Strategic Risks

mission to help clients deal with risks, we also work to help our clients to prevent major risks.

Industry Risk Analysis

KRS has developed professional risk assessment tools for high-tech manufacturing, internet and engineering sectors to help companies better identify “ Submerged reefs under the torrent”, establisha whole-process risk assessment & control system from Pre-investment, to setting up a representative office, ti ll operating succesfully”, to identify and control industry risks throughout the life cycle, so that the client can achieve market entry with controllable risks.

Our Advantages

The vital part for a company growing global is its management of strategic risk, which is different from the conventional legal and financial risks. Strategic risk is rooted in “Information asymmetry”, and may be manifested as political risks, security risks or social-cultural conflicts, it is a determinant factor with regard to the qualification of a project. KRS ’s team members have conducted numerous field investigations and risk studies in dozens of countries around the globe. Our experts developed a unique country and project risk assessment model an d methodology system. We have provided security risk assessments to a la rge number of companies investing in high-risk countries and regions, iden tifying for our clients various kinds of threats, either publicly known or hidd en, as well as the way how these threats take effect. On this basis, we help clients to design the most appropriate risk aversion and response plans.