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In Industry Research and business Due Diligence programs, we adopt a Whole-to-Part approach. Business due diligence is conducted on the basis of industry research, which enables us to familiarize with business environments before focusing on field investigations. In this way, our client could get an overview of the industry as a whole before moving on to specific competitors and partners.

Industry Research

KRS has a deep understanding of the business environment in major emerging markets. Through professional industry analysis and field research, we help clients in different trades (including but not limited to the Internet Industry, high-tech manufacturing, engineering) to understand specific country segments in terms of its market capacity, sales channels, industry access regulations, as well as first-hand information of key industry participants. The aim is to pinpoint the best path and potential risks to enter the market, and help investors and enterprise decision-makers to formulate market entry strategies that may achieve "value maximization with controllable risks”.

Business Due Diligence

Before you start working with potential clients, sales agents, and R&D Partners, we provide you with independent third party due diligence, to accurately assess the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of your counterparties and partners, and to help you develop the most appropriate cooperation strategy.

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Our advantages: KRS has a deep understanding of market characteristics and business environments. Through precise, in-depth research and a long- term informant network, we are capable to forsee risks and win opportunities for the client’s decision-making action and market operation activities. opportunities.

Employee background checks

  • Inside China
  • Overseas employees
  • Other personnel back check

Investigation of commercial fraud

  • Misappropriation
  • Procurement collusion and taking bribes
  • Setting up a competitive affiliate
  • Related-party transaction

Market Entry Services

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We have sound understandings of different market types and business environments. Through in-depth customer research, feasibility analysis and accurate competitor research, we facilitate our clients in anticipating risks and indentifying opportunities before and during market entry operations.

1. Customer Research

By studying customer demand, executive decision-making pattern, supplierpolicy, we provide effective support for our clients to win orders.

2. Investment Project Feasibility Study

Our feasibility study focuses on the main content and supporting conditions of a project, including the market demand, resource supply, construction scale, process route, equipment selection, environmental impact, financing, profitability, etc. For all these aspects, we do investigation, study and comparison from technical, economic and engineering points of view, and predict the financial and economic benefits and social impacts that may be achieved after thecompletion of the project, and hence come up with advices on whether the project is worthy of investment and how to carry out the construction.

3. Competitor Research

Competitor Survey and Research Service is one of our core services. The results are in two ways: Competitor’s In-depth Survey Report and Competitor’s Monthly (Quarterly) Dynamic Monitoring Report.

Main Components of Competitors In-depth Research:

A. Basic overview and background of the company
Including the business scope of the company, name of the legal representative, registered capital; the history and evolution of the company, affiliation, changes in business scopes
B. shareholder and executive background
Shareholder information; the education and professional experiences of the person in charge, negative hearsay, whether there is political support or underworld background
C. production status of the company
Core products,major under-construction and in-operation projects; production process, performance-price ratio, efficiency, technological leadership, production objectives and actual production capacity
D. Marketing
Sales policy, Price system, sales area, key market, promotion strategy, customer category, quantity and distribution.
E. Human Resources
Organizational Structure, salary system, management system
F. Financial and credit situation
Registered Capital and actual capital, bank of deposit and account opening date, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, history of defaulting
G. analysis and forecasting
Based on a comprehensive knowledge of industry landscape and target enterprises, the advantages and disadvantages of target enterprises will be examined and analyzed, and conclusions and predictions will be made.
Delivery: 25-60 working days, depending on the complexity of the project.
The cost of the project depends on the complexity of the project.

Dynamic Competitor Monitoring Program:

Production and sales: current month output, current month sales, last month inventory
New Product Development: New Product Development Information, categories;
Core products: Dynamic Tracking and price changes;
Sales promotion: Spacial Distribution, theme and scale;
Advertising: distribution channels, frequency;
Personnel Changes: Key executive quitting and job changes; Core R&D staff joining and leaving; Recruitment plan;
Risks: possible strikes and mass departures, possible environmental incidents, possible product quality issues.

This service is for long-term customers.